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You're bound to have a question or two, and this page is dedicated to try to answer all the questions you may have at this point. Return frequently, as we'll continue to update the page with the answers to the latest questions from Fragrance Consultants. Don't forget to check out the Resources page to review the Career Plan Guide Book and other helpful tools.

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Posted: August 22
Q: What will be the requirements for receiving referrals?
A: You must have a career title of Premier Consultant or higher and have a personal website in order to receive referrals from Gold Canyon.

Posted July 22
Q. Will Gold Canyon offer discounts on business supplies (like name badges and business cards) since the titles are changing and we will need to get new ones?
A. We are excited to launch The Company Store's Grand Opening Preview at Convention 2011 and know you'll be thrilled with the new selection (over 120 items available!). With the changes to The Company Store, printable business cards are very reasonably priced (just US $8.00/CDN $10.25 for 200) and will therefore not be offered at a further discount. Business cards will be available at the Company Store's Grand Opening Preview at Convention. The official launch of the store to all Consultants will follow thereafter.


Posted July 22
Q. How much will the Career Plan Guide Books cost and when will they be available to order?
A. The Career Plan Guide Book (#97310) will be made available to order as a Supply Order at Essentials OnLine beginning at 8:00 a.m. MST on July 25 at the cost of US $2.98/CDN $4.25.

Posted: July 22
Q. Will Gold Canyon post the presentation from the Road Trip Meetings after the last meeting is held?
A. Yes, please visit our Resources page to view the presentation.

Posted: July 22
Q. Can a copy of the Personal Volume (PV) Bonus Table comparing the new and old bonus levels for personal sales be posted, as well as a copy of the Downline Overrides with the comparison of the old percentages at retail versus the new percentages paid on wholesale?
A. Yes, we will post this information after the final Road Trip Meeting.

Posted: July 15
Q. When will the $900 in 9 months start being evaluated?
A. The enhanced Career Plan will start 9/1/2011. The first time the $900 in 9 months will be evaluated is the first day of the 10th month from 9/1/2011. Sales for all Consultants will be evaluated 6/1/2012 for the previous 9 months (9/1/2011 through 5/31/2012) to determine whether or not they have met a total of $900 in sales.

Posted: July 15
Q. Will it be easier to earn trips with this new Career Plan? I've noticed that the majority of trip earners are always Gold Managers and above.
A. As stated in the FAQ dated 6/29/11, this year's Annual Trip Incentive does not need to be updated because all points earned are based on your sales and that of your team. Gold Canyon set the required point minimums based on a Consultant's start date to make this incentive achievable for everyone!

There is no title requirement for this trip as in years past. So, all Consultants can earn this trip! The company also recognizes many of those Consultants who achieve the title of Gold Manager and higher will likely earn the Annual Trip Incentive because they have well-established and successful businesses.

The 2012 Annual Trip Incentive and President's Invitation will be announced at this year's Convention in August.

Posted: July 1
Q. If someone is in Associate Status effective July 1, how will the Career Plan enhancements affect them?
A. If a Fragrance Consultant went into Associate status 4/1/11 or 7/1/11 and has not met the $450 quarterly minimum prior to 9/1/11, their account will still transfer into the enhanced Career Plan. They can continue to place orders as normal now and beyond 9/1/11.

Posted: July 1
Q. Has there been much reaction to the "Fragrance Consultant" designation?
A. Yes! We are pleased to report that the response to the new designation has been very positive.

Posted: June 30
Q: Will there still be quarterly minimums of $450 in sales?
A: There will be sales requirements to remain Active with Gold Canyon and to receive overrides on your teams. Details will be released during the Road Trip meetings and future webinars.

Posted: June 30
Q: With the new Career Plan, will our Hosts' customers have the ability to order online and the Host be credited for that order?
A: We hear you! We are working on making this happen in 2012. We understand the importance of this additional sales avenue to assist you with your success.

Posted: June 30
Q: How soon I can start using the new title of "Fragrance Consultant"? Can I print "Fragrance Consultant" rather than "Demonstrator" now?
A: Absolutely. Even though this is not official until September 1, it is fine to start using the title of "Fragrance Consultant" now. Just remember to include "Independent" along with "Fragrance Consultant."

Posted: June 30
Q: When do I get the Career Plan Guide Book?
A: One Career Plan Guide Book per Consultant attendee will be given out at the Road Trip meetings. Once the Road Trips are over, we'll post the information to our Career Plan website as a PDF. Extras can be purchased and the book will also be included in the Consultant Kits.

Posted: June 29
Q: When do the Career Plan enhancements take effect?
A: Career Plan enhancements take effect on September 1, 2011.

Posted: June 29
Q: When will Gold Canyon provide all the details of the enhanced Career Plan?
A: Road Trip attendees will receive the Career Plan enhancement details. Once the Road Trips are completed, we'll be updating this site with more Career Plan details.

Posted: June 29
Q. Is the Quick Start program changing?
A. It's pretty much the same only we've added a Sponsoring Bonus. New sponsors will continue to be eligible to earn $425 in free products as they achieve the three sales levels of Quick Start. The sales amounts will remain the same. Sponsoring and coaching new team members will still help an upline earn promotions and increased commissions.

Anyone who has a new personal sponsor within their first 90 days as of 9/1/11 is eligible to earn the new Quick Start Sponsor Bonus for the remainder of the new sponsors Quick Start time frame.

Posted: June 29
Q: I think I'm close to a reward from the Leadership Bonus Program. Will I be rewarded for my progress or for achieving a reward level in the Leadership Bonus Program?
A: The Leadership Bonus Program will end after 8/31/11. The new Career Plan will provide leadership rewards as part of the standard compensation plan. If you are currently in the Leadership Bonus Program, we will honor the front end and back end Leadership Bonuses as outlined in the current requirements. If you earn the front end bonus before 8/31/11 you will still be able to earn the back end bonus per the current program requirements.

Posted: June 29
Q: I'm currently working to achieve the title of Manager and earn a trip to the Manager's Retreat. Will there still be a Manager's Retreat this year and beyond?
A: There will not be a Manager's Retreat in October. Gold Canyon will be announcing a new leadership style retreat at the 2011 Convention which will replace the current Manager's Retreat Program and will occur early in 2012. If you were scheduled to come to the October Manager's Retreat because you met the requirements for the May retreat and deferred until the October retreat, you will be included in the transition to the new leadership training program. Those who earn the title of Manager by 8/31/11 and meet all the qualifying requirements of the Manager's Retreat Program will also be included in the transition to the new leadership training program.

Posted: June 29
Q. What will my title be at Convention?
A. This year you decide. Since we will be in a transition period at this year's Convention, we're empowering you to declare a new title of which you'll control on your nametag. For recognition, Gold Canyon will recognize you for your earned titles between 7/1/10 and 6/30/11.

Posted: June 29
Q. How will my title be calculated for 9/1/11?
A. To establish your title on 9/1/11, Gold Canyon will be using the new Career Plan logic to determine your title for the months of May, June and July of this year. We will use the highest title achieved during that three-month period to determine your new title on 9/1/11. This is just to establish a baseline. Your compensation for the month of September will be determined based upon the new Career Plan policies. So on 9/1/11, you may come into the plan as one title, but earn a higher title that month and be paid for such.

Posted: June 29
Q. Will there be new reports to help me understand what I need to do to be successful with the new Career Plan?
A. Yes. A whole new set of online reports has been designed to coincide with the Career Plan structure so you can more effectively manage your business and your team.

Posted: June 29
Q. When will commissions be paid?
A. Commissions will still be paid on or by the 10th of each month.

Posted: June 29
Q. What about the Annual Trip Incentive? Will it change after 9/1/11?
A. The Annual Trip Incentive does not need to be updated! The points earned are based on your sales, your team sales and the sales of your qualified new sponsors.

Posted: June 29
Q. Will my team or upline be moved on 9/1/11?
A. Absolutely not. Your upline will continue to be your upline and your downline team will continue to be your team. Now you will have more opportunities to be compensated for everyone in your downline, no matter how many levels deep they may be.

Posted: June 29
Q. Are the fundraiser requirements changing?
A. Yes, if you have $2,700 or more in commissionable sales during the previous 12 months, then you can take the certification quiz and facilitate your own fundraisers. There will no longer be a title requirement that makes you eligible to administer a fundraiser.

Posted: June 29
Q. Will I have to recertify between 9/1/11 and 12/31/11 to administer a fundraiser?
A. No, if you were certified to administer a fundraiser before 9/1/11, then you will still be allowed to administer a fundraiser after 9/1/11.

Posted: June 29
Q. Will the minimum Party order requirement of $150 be changing?
A. No, there is no plan to change from the $150 minimum at this time.